Nature and Wildlife Photography
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Growing up in northern Minnesota, I developed a love and deep appreciation for the outdoors at a very young age. This passion has continued to grown stronger throughout my life, and is reflected in the fine art nature photography you will find here. These photographs are the result of a lifetime of experience, patience, and persistence. Capturing nature and wildlife images, whether digital or with film, requires a lot of highly specialized equipment, as well as the technical skill to operate it.

Many of these images are shot in my home state of Wyoming, but I have also traveled to Alaska and extensively through out the Western United States to capture the beauty of our natural world. My first trip to Alaska was in back in 1996 to photograph brown bears as they fished for sockeye salmon on the Brooks River. Since then I have returned to Alaska to photograph bald eagles during the winter months. I have also been fortunate enough to venture to Hudson Bay, Manitoba to capture images of polar bears as they prepared for their annual journey across the ice. More than anything, I enjoy photographing the abundant wildlife and the incomparable scenery of Yellowstone, the Tetons, and the great state of Wyoming.

They say patience is a virtue, but for wildlife photographers, patience is a necessity. During all of my years photographing nature and wildlife, I have been given many opportunities to witness amazing sights. Photography has not only given me a way to record some of these opportunities, but also has taught me to slow down and appreciate the beauty around me. The gifts of nature are abundant, if you just take time to notice them. Nature is a place of constant change and beauty. Sometimes magic happens.

CREDITS: Two of my photographs have been displayed in the National Museum of Wildlife Art and two in the White House. In 2001 I had the honor of being chosen as a semi-finalist in the worldwide “BBC Photographer of the Year” competition. I have also had photos published in several magazines including “Sports Afield”, “Nature Conservancy”, “Rocky Mountain Game and Fish”, “Bugle”, “Inter-Mountain Hunting and Fishing” and Wyoming Wildlife magazine and calendars. He has had photography exhibits in Utah, Colorado, Minnesota, Montana, Louisiana and Wyoming. His limited edition photographs are available at select galleries in the Southern and Western United States.